Sunday, October 28, 2007

Red Soup - krasnii borshi - красный борщ

This is a great and hard to prepare soup.
The main elements represent the beetroot and the cabbage. But if you succeed in cooking it, you will be a very happy person.

The ingridients are:
Meat, 250 gr, it can be chicken or beef, or pork
1 beetroot
4 potatoes
250 gr of cabbage
1 carrot
1 onion

The Method of Preparing:
Cut the meat into small pieces. Put it in the pan. Cook until it is already done. Than add the peeled beetroot and wait for 10 min. After it add the peeled cabbage.
When the cabbage is ready add the potatoes and tomatoes. In the end you have to peel the carrot and the onion and fry them a little bit, than add into the soup.
Add some spices not too much, very important is the black pepper and lour leafs.
The soup should be served with cream. Just as it is shown in the picture.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Felul 2 - Marinated Turkey with Mamaliga

Mamaliga is actually the most traditional romanian food that you may ever find. Because people used to grow corn since long time ago. It is cheap, but very healthy and tasty. Even though corn is grown also in US, but they don't make Mamaliga from it. Which is their minus probably, because they just don't know what they miss.

Method of preparing:
Ok, let me tell you how it is prepared. You have to buy in the market the Corn Flour. It is very easy to prepare. You put some water, and wait till it will be boiling. Than add this Corn Flour, little, than some more, and until it will become as a porridge. It will take about 2-3 min. Leave for couple of min, and it will become hard. Here is a picture.
Ok, lets continue with the main food of this super. It is the turkey. It's not a simple turkey, it should be marinated. Doesn't matter which part of this bird you take. I took a wing, for example. Turkeys have really big wings. Marinate with mayonnaise, all sort of spices, maybe some wine, whatever you like. Here is a picture. I put it into white paper, which is used for baking.

The you have to enroll it like it is shown in the picture and put it into the grill for not less than 45 min. Turn it sometimes from one side to another.

This is how it look after 45 min.

Than add some cheese over it, and put together with the porridge. Don' forget about the garlic in the end. Mamaliga, no matter if it is served with meat or fish, always should have garlic.
This is how i looks in the end. Enjoy!