Friday, May 30, 2008

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I have already told once how to cook this kind of soup. This is a traditional moldavian/romanian soup. The main thing about it is the colors. My grand mother used to do zama from doves sometimes. She had a lot of doves in under the roof of the house.
Normally zama is made of chicken meat, or any other bird meat.

home made noodles

Method of preparing
Firstly boil the meat and prepare the bullion. Than add the onions and carrots. Than add the noodles, which as being homemade, can also be bought from the shop. The traditional zama doesn't contain potatoes. Put you my put them.

zama, zeamaThis is how it looks.

zama, zeama

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Los Angeles - sponsored post

I like to visit different countries, visit new cities and get to know closer the culture of these countries, to see in reality the things about which I heard a lot of times and read a lot. When I visit a new country, besides all the aspects I like to taste the local cuisine.
When I visited Los Angeles I was surprised by the diversity that is gathered there. There were so many things from all sides of the world all gathered together in one place. I could see all types of culture like from Russians to Japanese, Indian, Italian and many others. This is probably the main characteristic of United States of America, that there are people and cultures from all over the world. So what I did in Los Angeles is: I visited the Universal studios of Hollywood of course, everyone should see that, than the Aquarium of the pacific. Chicago things to doI like very much the historic downtown and you can compare it to the contemporary downtown – great view. Also I visited the Disney Land, which is pretty huge. One of the things that impressed me a lot is Tijuana Mexican shopping. And of course I have visited a lot of restaurants with Mexican, Chinese and many other foods. You can win 150$ if you sign up to this newsletter. sightseeing tours offers great tours in a lot of beautiful and interesting cities, as Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco etc.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Two colors Cookies

These cookies we were making with my mother, when I was little. When we had parties at school I was always bringing them at school.
I like this recipe of two colors cookies, because they look really nice and cute.
So the ingredients are:
2 eggs
2 cups of sugar
3 cups of flour
1 cup of milk
margarine 200gr
Method of preparing:
take two bowls and do exactly what you see in the pictures. Firstly poot in each bowl one egg, one cup of sugar, and in one add some cacao.

Mix everything as you see in the picture, so that one is has brown color, and the other yellow, than add 100 gr of margarine in each bowl.
cookiesThan add 1.5 coup of flour in each bowl, and make the dough. So you have to obtain two different colors dough.

cookiesThan do what you see in the picture, and make a roulette from these two parts of dough.
cookiesCut into small pieces like cookies, and put in the oven for 20 min approximately.
cookiesThis is what you should get in the end. It is very tasty. Cacao gives them a special taste.

Placinte in two minutes

These "placinte" i made very quick actually. This is a recipe for lazy people) or those that don't have a lot of time. All you have to do is buy puff dough and curd.
Easily cut the dough into small pieces and put the curd inside. You can make them any forms.
How I baked them? I actually didn't bake, i fried them. I put the on a pan with no oil and covered for couple of minutes until they obtained this color.
I like what i obtained.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Coltunasi - Dumplings

Coltunasi are traditional food in Moldova. At least I suppose so. And not "russian pelmeni" with meat, but coltunasi - dumplings with potatoes.
They can be also with cheese, with potatoes and mushrooms, with cherry.
I prefer those dumplings with cheese and potatoes.
Here is how they look like when they are ready. I like to eat the dumplings adding cream. They are pretty caloric thats why you shouldn't eat them too often.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Meat Balls, Pirjoale

Meat balls are very famous in this region. They can be any size, like big or small, but they have different names. They can be also from different meat, like beef, pork, chicken or even fish. And they can be fried or boiled.
The following recipe of meat balls is an independent recipe and doesn't need a sous, like for small meat balls.

The ingredients are:
Minced meat
1 egg
150 gr of bread
garlic (maybe)

Method of preparing: if you are on a diet you can use chicken meat, and don't fry them on oil. But i used beef as you see in the picture. You have to prepare everything< cut the onions, put the bread in some water and put everything in a bowl as you see in the picture.
pirjoale, meat balls
Than mix everything, and make these meat balls into such forms like you see in the picture.
Put them on the pan, and fry until they are ready.
pirjoale, meat balls


This is how my pancakes look! once again i made them
I love pancakes, everyone loves pancakes!



Zama (zeama) is a traditional romanian soup, made in both Moldova and Romania regions. This is a very old tradition and I never met any soup like that in other cultures.
The soup is a very healthy variant of soup, it doesn't actually contain much fat, because it is made of bird meat.
My variant of zama is from chicken. If you add special spices than you will get the specific taste of zama.

The ingredients are:
chicken meat
potatoes (traditionally are not used)

Method of preparing:
Normally first prepare the meat. Cut the onions and the carrot into very small pieces and fry them, than add in the soup. Than when it is ready, after 40 min, add the vermicelli, normally they should be home made, but you can by them. This should be little vermicelli, small pieces. If you want to put some potatoes than add them before adding vermicelli. At the end add the lovage, this type of greens that gives a specific taste. There are actually spices from Maggi which have the same smell, you can try.
I hope you like it!

zama, zeama