Saturday, March 29, 2008

Birthday Cake

This cake I did for the birthday of my mother, couple of months ago. It took me some time, because I had to prepare different parts of it, apart. There are two moments that you have to remember when making this cake: the slice of cake and the jelly.
The cake itself is easy to make. I used the classical method: 3 eggs an a cup of flour. You have to add some sugar, milk, and you may add some cacao if you want.
easter cake
You have to make three types of different colors of jelly apart. Than when its done, you have to cut them into small pieces just like it looks in the picture. 1 L of cream mixed with sugar and non colored jelly. Than put all the small pieces into that cream and leave it for couple of ours to freeze. than put the jelly on the slice of the cake.
easter cake

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another type of lunch!

Meatboals with peas and potatoes
leave your comments pls)meatballs, peas

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Vegetable soup

I remember once eating this kind of soup in Bulgaria. But considering that all the ingredients also grow here in Moldova, than I guess this soup will be characteristic to Moldova too.
The ingredients are:
Chicken meat
Bulgarian pepper

bulgarian vegetable soup

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Soup with peas

The soup is considered to be a light one. This soup with peas is I remember since kindergarten, school, and so on. Because it doesn't cost much to make it.
The ingredients are:
Chicken meat
yellow peas

Method of preparing:
firstly put boil the peas for about 1.5 - 2 hours. It takes a lot of time, they have to become like almost porridge. That add the meat. And as usual fry the onions with carrot and add to your soup. At the end add the potatoes and spices. Bon apetite!
soup with peas

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Easter Bunny Cake, Are you ready for Easter

Easter Bunny CakeAre you ready for Easter Holidays? Besides religious thing, special habits, cooking represent an essential part of Easter Holidays.
One of the traditions is baking an Easter Bunny Cake. This cake can be different, and everyone is making it using his own imagination.
The ingredients can be anything you want, this can be any time of cake. I prefer the one of 3 eggs and a cup of flour. Thats a typical cake for me, and you can put in it anything you want.

This is my type of a cake. You just have to make the necessary form for bunny ears and color the cake. The decorating part can be easily made by special stuff which you can by in the shop.

For example this one, contains all the stuff for coloring and even more for Easter Bunny Cakes
There is even more stuff for Easter, which can be even like presents for your relatives and friends.

Here are some more Easter Bunny Cake stuff, they look really nice and colorful.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Meatballs with sous

Unlike cutlets, meatballs from meat, fish or vegetable stuffing, taken in the coating of flour (wheat or rice), not bread crumbs. After their fried or simmer in the sauce. For the sauce is most often take the meat broth, tomatoes, onions, add to taste sour Than take the meatballs out, and grill the onions and carrots for couple of minutes.or add berries, such as prunes. Meatballs get tastier if they produce not just a homogenous stuffing, such as beef, but with the addition of grains - mostly rice, slices vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage), nuts, dried fruits, etc. These additives attach great makes mincemeat hence cooked and meat balls faster than cutlets. Preparation streets in sauce, or simply supply of ready-cooked separately with cities sauce - another difference from the streets cutlets and snapshots. Tradition cook meat balls (kyufte) in the sauce comes from the kitchens nomadic peoples.
This is a very tasty sous and as usual it doesn't need to many ingredients. The meatballs are probably more russian food or maybe even ukrainian. I'm note sure, but people here in Moldova also eat meatballs.
My method of preparing of meatballs:
Firstly I grill them just a little, in order to keep the round form, because in water they may fall into small pieces and it won't be good. Just like in the first picture.

Than take the meatballs out, and grill the onions and carrots for couple of minutes. Add the meatball and spices just like you see it in the picture.
Than add some water and tomato paste. It will be very delicious. You should obtain something like what you seen in the picture :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A surprise for his wife

A friend of mine, wanted to buy to his wife new stuff for kitchen. He went to some shops and finally found what he wanted. These were special equipment for baking, and making desserts. He didn’t want his wife to find out about it, so he didn’t take money from his credit card, but took a payday loan. I asked him how he did it and if he succeeded with that. He said it was very easy and didn’t take much time at all. John just completed an application form online, and he was offered a payday loan immediately. He borrowed exactly the sum of money he needed. He said some friend of him told about this opportunity and he considers it really helpful and there are no administrative costs for taking a loan. payday loans
Well the present that he bought to his wife, the equipment, was really great. His wife was so happy, because she likes cooking, especially baking a lot. She wasn’t even dreaming of that. And the most important was that it was a surprise. John really succeeded in making a surprise for the international women’s day. So that’s how you can make a surprise, by taking a payday loan.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Chicken sous

I love chicken because it you don't need a lot of time to cook it. It can be ready in 30 min. And another advantage is that the level of fat is lower than in pork for example, so it is healthier. That is why the 60% of what I cook are made of chicken.
here is another recipe of a chicken sous with cream, not with tomatoes.
The ingredients are:
500 gr of chicken meat

Method of preparing:
Chop everything and fry firstly put the chicken on the pan. Than after 15 min, you can put the carrots and keep them for 3 min. After it add the onions and spices just like it is in the picture.

So in 5 min onions and carrots are ready, and you just have to add some water. After 10 min add the cream and in 2 min it is ready.