Sunday, September 23, 2007

Beef sous with cream!

This is a unique recipe of preparing beef. In the end you will get a very tasty beef sous.

The ingridients are:
0,5 kg of beef
1 big onion
1 big carrot
200gr of cream

Method of preparing:
Take the beef and cut it into small piecies. Put them on the hot pan with some oil. Fry them for couple of minutes. Than cut the carrot and the onion into small pieces. Fry this one for some minutes more until it will become roasted. Than add a little bit of cream, like couple of spoons. This is a secret especially for making meat very gentle in just 10 minutes. After it add some water which will cover everything, and cook it for 15 min.

In the end add the rest of cream, add spices. You can choose any spices you like, but don't forget that this shouldn't be too spicy, because it has cream in it. One of the very important ingriedients should be the garlic. Don't forget about it. Enjoy!

Friday, September 21, 2007

"Placinte cu Brinza" modern version of baked pies with curd

The modern version is very easy and costs less money. All you have to do is by the fluffy dough and 0.5 kg of curd. You can see it in the pictures.

Method of preparing:
Unfreeze the dough. Than cut it into pieces not bigger than your palm. Than you have to prepare the curd. Put it into a bowl and add salt. The traditional "placinte" are very salty, and have a lot of dill. So if you add these two elements you will get the perfect "placinte."

After you put the curd inside the dough as it is shown in the picture, put it in the oven for about 20 min.

- 1 kg de faina (eu am folosit 300 de gr de manitoba ai 700 de 00, dar fiecare poate folosi faina alba normala pe care o foloseate de obicei)
- 200 gr zahar tos
- 4 oua
- 25 gr drojdie proaspata
- 200 ml lapte
- 150 gr unt topit
Umplutura :
- circa 1 kg branza (eu am folosit ricotta de vaca, proaspata cumparata azi dimineaaa de la piaaa, din pacate nu scrie pe bon cat cantarea exact ai un alt fel de branza tot de vaca proaspata care aici se numeate tomini piemontezi, cred ca an total o fi fost un chilogram, ami pare rau dar acum ami dau seama ca nu am cantarit-o)
- 3 oua
- 100 gr stafide
- esenaa de vanilie
- 4 linguri pline cu varf de zahar pudra (mama mi-a zis: dupa gust, la care am anceput sa-i zic: metoda comunista de uniformizare a gusturilor e subiectiv de tot “dupa gust” ca ce e dulce pentru ea pentru mine poate nu fi suficient de dulce ai invers, aaa ca eu zic ca fiecare sa guste ai sa decida cat zahar merge, mai ales ca depinde foarte mult ai de ce fel de branza folosiai)
- coaja rasa de la o portocala.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

"Shuba" - Шуба

This is a traditional russian food, but because of the fact that Moldavian, Russian and Ukranian cuisine have a lot in common, Shuba became something common for this territory.

The ingridients are:
1 herring
1 carrot
1 onion
4 potatoes
1 beetroot
3 eggs

The method of preparing:

Put the carrot, the potatoes, the beetroot and the eggs in a bowl and cook them until they will be done. It depends, for example it will take 20 minutes to cook the beetroot and the potatoes, and 10 min for the eggs.
Cut everything into small piecies like you can see in the picture.

Firstly you put the small pieces of herring. Than cover them with circles of onions and pieces of carrot. Than should follow a layer of potatoes. Than arrange on it the eggs. Cover everything with a tiny layer of herring and onions.

One of the last elements is the beetroot. It should be peeled. Arrange it upon everything in a little more bigger size layer than the rest of ingridients.

At the end put some oil apun it and mayonese. Exactly how it looks in the picture.

This is how it should look from one side.