Saturday, November 22, 2008

Macaronis, chicken, mushrooms, salad - super

Hey this is grate. This is what my boyfriend loves best. In this food there are present all the desired elements: his favorite macaronis, mushrooms, salad and meat.

This is all just simple. First of all the meat. This is chicken - I boil it and than fry. If you fry it from the beginning you waste a lot of time. It is more efficient to boil it until it is almost ready. Than simple fry it with spices.

The mushrooms it is better to boil them first and than also fry. I added onions and tomatoes. So this is a mushroom sous.

Macaronis are made also easily. No special souses I used. Just hard macaronis boiled.

A salad from tomatoes with onions. It was a great super. :)

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