Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Felul 2 - potatoes with beef and mushrooms

This type of traditional food is a very taste one. Beef represents an essential part of Cuisine of Moldova. Together with potatoes, they represent a great combination with a very healthy and delicious taste. So here are the ingredients which are a very simple list. The quantity of every ingredient depends on how many persons are you cooking for.

The ingredients are:

The method of preparing:

Cut the beef into small pieces and fry it in the pan. The when it becomes a little bit fried, add the chopped carrot and onions. Fry them all together. After the onions get a specific golden color add some water and brew it for about 45min-1 hour. It depends on the beef, during this time try to taste it, and if it is almost ready do the following. The chopped potatoes into small pieces, add to the beef. The about 20 min let it brewing. When everything is ready add the mushrooms, which should also be chopped into tiny pieces. The mushrooms don't take a lot of time to prepare - about 3-5 min.
The last thing you have to do is add the spices. I usually add the bay leaf, salt, black pepper, garlic, and some Caucasian mixes are really good (i advise everyone).

Enjoy this wonderful recipe, and look how it should looks in reality.

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