Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I had signed up for payperpostprogram and I am very excited to work with them and earn a lot of money. I heard about it from a friend of mine. She was writing posts for payperpost for about couple of months, and I was really amazed how much money she had earned. She said that there is a website which pays you for writing posts, and posting them on your website. This seemed to me a great idea, and a good way of getting paid for what you like to do. As payperpost has an affiliate program, my friend gave me her affiliate link and I had immediately registered there. As my blogs were not fitting the requirements of payperpost at that moment, I had to work on them and make them look good and fit the conditions. In couple of weeks I had submitted another blog and they had approved it. Now I am very thankful to my friend which told me about payperpost program. I think it is amazing, because it gives the chance for a lot of people to earn a lot of money, to do what is easiest for them to do, to use their heads and in the end have a lot of fun.

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