Saturday, January 12, 2008

Rotatui)) Ratatui

This was a lot of fun, when I didn't know what else to cook, and I saw a package with frozen vegetables and it was written on the Rotatui. I never cooked that before, but it was perfect and very delicious. In fact I have changed the original recipe; The original one is only from vegetables and paste from tomatoes.
The ingredients:
Chicken meat
spices - garlic, salt, curry

The Method of Preparing:
Fry the meat, and than add the onions. Fry everything until it will obtain a nice brown color, add curry spice. And than add the vegetables.
In order to complete this wonderful stuff I've added some paste from tomatoes and other spice. And made some potatoes in the oven.
Great Super Rotatui (Ratatui)

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