Saturday, May 3, 2008


Zama (zeama) is a traditional romanian soup, made in both Moldova and Romania regions. This is a very old tradition and I never met any soup like that in other cultures.
The soup is a very healthy variant of soup, it doesn't actually contain much fat, because it is made of bird meat.
My variant of zama is from chicken. If you add special spices than you will get the specific taste of zama.

The ingredients are:
chicken meat
potatoes (traditionally are not used)

Method of preparing:
Normally first prepare the meat. Cut the onions and the carrot into very small pieces and fry them, than add in the soup. Than when it is ready, after 40 min, add the vermicelli, normally they should be home made, but you can by them. This should be little vermicelli, small pieces. If you want to put some potatoes than add them before adding vermicelli. At the end add the lovage, this type of greens that gives a specific taste. There are actually spices from Maggi which have the same smell, you can try.
I hope you like it!

zama, zeama

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