Saturday, May 3, 2008

Meat Balls, Pirjoale

Meat balls are very famous in this region. They can be any size, like big or small, but they have different names. They can be also from different meat, like beef, pork, chicken or even fish. And they can be fried or boiled.
The following recipe of meat balls is an independent recipe and doesn't need a sous, like for small meat balls.

The ingredients are:
Minced meat
1 egg
150 gr of bread
garlic (maybe)

Method of preparing: if you are on a diet you can use chicken meat, and don't fry them on oil. But i used beef as you see in the picture. You have to prepare everything< cut the onions, put the bread in some water and put everything in a bowl as you see in the picture.
pirjoale, meat balls
Than mix everything, and make these meat balls into such forms like you see in the picture.
Put them on the pan, and fry until they are ready.
pirjoale, meat balls

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