Saturday, November 22, 2008

Examples of Lunch!

Here is another section of examples of Lunch. Here you can find links on other examples of lunch.

The first picture represents mushed potatoes, fried fish with some amazing spices and salad.
Mushed potatoes I think is not very difficult to make. The fish was fried with no egg or flour. I just salted it, added pepper and some greens so it got the color. The salad is made of tomatoes, yellow sweet bulgarian pepper, onion, cucumbers and mayonnaise.


This one contains my favorite eggplants. If you make them in a proper way this can be the most tasteful things in the world.
First of all you have to cut the eggplants and put them into water for abut 10 min. Than fry them adding salt and garlic. Very tasty in the end. There are many recipes with eggplants, I love them.
You can also see in the picture some potatoes. These potatoes were made in the oven. All I did is cut the potatoes and put them in the oven in a covered tan. Typical spices like pepper.
Instead of salad it was just cucumbers. Very tasty and no need of meat.


This one is more difficult I think. More than that I invented the recipe myself :)
This is rice with vegetables: corn and eggplants again.
You have to prepare it separately. Boil the rice and fry the eggplants with some onions so that it still keeps its form. Than add the rice on the tan with the eggplants and mix adding spices and the add the corn at the end.
Instead of salad you can see some pickled cucumbers.


This is how I cook. I hope you like it:)

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