Saturday, November 22, 2008

Red Soup

Red soup made from all sort of veggies.
I love all kind of soups. I think it is very healthy and you should each day eat a soup. That way you can maintain your stomach healthy. You can make it from meat, or even no meat, just vegetables.

This is how I make my red soup. The meat can be any type, but if you don't want any meat, just follow the simple recipe. The main thing is the beet.


The beet should go first. When ready add tomatoes, potatoes.
Fry the carrot and onions and add after potatoes are ready. Add spices and other stuff what you think is good. I like to add basil to all my soups. I like the smell. As it is cold now, I add garlic in the soup. The natural garlic helps you to maintain your health during cold times.

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