Friday, November 9, 2007

About Moldvavian Cuisine

I found today a very nice description of Moldavian Cuisine, by a tourist who had the opportunity to taste all those tasty things in Moldova, in a local family who invited him. Taken from here.

"The food consisted of lots of cheeses, small breads, whole small fishes on bread with cheese, smoked fish with Moldovan pevo(beer), a variety of very nice Moldovan, Ukrainian, and Romanian wines, stuffed peppers with sour cream, salads of chopped vegetables, dumplings stuffed and served with garlic sauce, homemade liquors of different berries and fruits. ... We ate this amazing pork to which the likes I have never tasted again I inquired to how this meat tasted so good, and the reply was, they feed their animals in Moldova better food than America and the marinating process is also very important. I will try to get this recipe in order to attempt it one day myself and share....My stay in Moldova was surreal, exciting, and made wonderful by the type of people who live there. If you ever have the fortune to stay in a Moldovan’s Home, you are very lucky and will be well fed by way of very delicious food. There is a minimal American influence, which I really enjoyed, the culture is unique. The hospitality was amazing and is highly recommended by me"

I think it is very beautiful, the person described his impressions about being in Moldova. And I'm sure that everyone else would feel the same.

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