Thursday, November 8, 2007

"Ghiveci" - traditional autumn salad

"Ghiveci" is known in Moldova since old times, because it is made of vegetables which are grown here, are common for this area. This salad is a very healthy one, it contains a lot of vitamins, and it cost is really cheap. Comparing to other recipes, it doesn't suppose meat. That is why it is a vegetarian recipe.

The ingredients are:
2 eggplants
paste of tomatoes
green pepper

The method of preparing:
Cut the eggplants into small cubes as it is shown in th picture. Then put them on the pan and fry with oil. The eggplants should change their color, and become brown.

When done, add the onions cut into small pieces and the green pepper. The pepper needs only 10 min, together with the onions to prepare. During this time, you have to cut the tomatoes. When the pepper is ready, put the tomatoes and the paste of tomatoes, about one spoon of paste. And add some water. Cover it, and let some 5 min more.

The result should be one from the picture. In the end add some garlic and spices (salt, black pepper, bay leaf). I assure you that is one of the tastiest thing in the world, and you should definetly try it.

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