Saturday, April 5, 2008


Check out how I once cooked the beef ribs. This was a spontaneous decision. We just saw some nice ribs in the market and decided to prepare them. I never did anything like that before. In the end I liked the result. I didn't search for a a certain recipe, as usual cooked as my intuition told me.
These are the ribs that we bought . There is enough meet on them, the main goal is to make the meet be very soft and easy to eat.

In fact that was so hard to cook, I just fried them for some time, and when it was almost ready I added the tomato paste, and I was rolling the ribs in it.ribs
I also added some spices, you have to pay attention to the color that I obtained. I actually was not expecting to obtain such a sous and color. Here s what i got in the end, very delicious ribs.ribs

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