Sunday, April 6, 2008

Plov, Pilaf

This is not a traditional Moldavian Cuisine for sure. It comes from Uzbekistan if i'm not wrong. Plov is very tasty and healthy. Even if it is very spread and a lot of people cook it everyday, it has a special technology of cooking. And only good cookers can make a real Plov.

The ingredients are:
Meat, traditionally it is pork or beef, I use chicken sometime

Method of preparing:
Firstly fry the meat, until it is almost ready. As you see in the first picture, after you fried the meat, add the onions and carrots.

plov, пловWhen everything obtains a brown color, add Curry spice. That way everything will become yellow, the traditional color of Plov

plov, плов

Than add the rice. I chose the Chinese prolonged rice as you can see in the picture. The secret is that you add the rice, which has to cover the meat with 1 cm, and that add some water, which will cover the rice up to 2 cm. And cover it, and don't mix until it gets ready.

plov, пловThis is how it looks in the end. There are special spices for Plov/Pilaf, normally caucasian + garlic.

plov, пловThis is what I got in the end) Enjoy)
plov, плов

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