Saturday, May 17, 2008

Los Angeles - sponsored post

I like to visit different countries, visit new cities and get to know closer the culture of these countries, to see in reality the things about which I heard a lot of times and read a lot. When I visit a new country, besides all the aspects I like to taste the local cuisine.
When I visited Los Angeles I was surprised by the diversity that is gathered there. There were so many things from all sides of the world all gathered together in one place. I could see all types of culture like from Russians to Japanese, Indian, Italian and many others. This is probably the main characteristic of United States of America, that there are people and cultures from all over the world. So what I did in Los Angeles is: I visited the Universal studios of Hollywood of course, everyone should see that, than the Aquarium of the pacific. Chicago things to doI like very much the historic downtown and you can compare it to the contemporary downtown – great view. Also I visited the Disney Land, which is pretty huge. One of the things that impressed me a lot is Tijuana Mexican shopping. And of course I have visited a lot of restaurants with Mexican, Chinese and many other foods. You can win 150$ if you sign up to this newsletter. sightseeing tours offers great tours in a lot of beautiful and interesting cities, as Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco etc.

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