Friday, May 30, 2008

SocialSpark - sponsored post

Even though I like to cook and to write and tell everyone about what I do. I keep my blog also for many other things, like making people get to know about Moldova and its culture. I think each blogger which wants to tell people about something special has to receive something back. That is why having some sponsored posts on your blog sometimes, which are ok with your other posts is really good. Social Spark is offering the possibility of obtaining money from your blog by legal, fair means. I am sure that each blogger would accept to write about something for a sum of money. Which is very simple, when you have a popular blog, just post a sponsored post, which is connected to the theme of your blog. Why not, everyone does it. You express your own opinion about a thing and Izea pays you money for that. Many people don’t even search for another job, they just write sponsored posts that they are told to. That is how I write about cuisine from other countries, about cultures and traveling. When I have free time I like to promote some other website or products for money, this SocialSpark is really a lot of fun.

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