Saturday, March 29, 2008

Birthday Cake

This cake I did for the birthday of my mother, couple of months ago. It took me some time, because I had to prepare different parts of it, apart. There are two moments that you have to remember when making this cake: the slice of cake and the jelly.
The cake itself is easy to make. I used the classical method: 3 eggs an a cup of flour. You have to add some sugar, milk, and you may add some cacao if you want.
easter cake
You have to make three types of different colors of jelly apart. Than when its done, you have to cut them into small pieces just like it looks in the picture. 1 L of cream mixed with sugar and non colored jelly. Than put all the small pieces into that cream and leave it for couple of ours to freeze. than put the jelly on the slice of the cake.
easter cake

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