Saturday, March 15, 2008

Meatballs with sous

Unlike cutlets, meatballs from meat, fish or vegetable stuffing, taken in the coating of flour (wheat or rice), not bread crumbs. After their fried or simmer in the sauce. For the sauce is most often take the meat broth, tomatoes, onions, add to taste sour Than take the meatballs out, and grill the onions and carrots for couple of minutes.or add berries, such as prunes. Meatballs get tastier if they produce not just a homogenous stuffing, such as beef, but with the addition of grains - mostly rice, slices vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage), nuts, dried fruits, etc. These additives attach great makes mincemeat hence cooked and meat balls faster than cutlets. Preparation streets in sauce, or simply supply of ready-cooked separately with cities sauce - another difference from the streets cutlets and snapshots. Tradition cook meat balls (kyufte) in the sauce comes from the kitchens nomadic peoples.
This is a very tasty sous and as usual it doesn't need to many ingredients. The meatballs are probably more russian food or maybe even ukrainian. I'm note sure, but people here in Moldova also eat meatballs.
My method of preparing of meatballs:
Firstly I grill them just a little, in order to keep the round form, because in water they may fall into small pieces and it won't be good. Just like in the first picture.

Than take the meatballs out, and grill the onions and carrots for couple of minutes. Add the meatball and spices just like you see it in the picture.
Than add some water and tomato paste. It will be very delicious. You should obtain something like what you seen in the picture :)

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