Sunday, March 16, 2008

Easter Bunny Cake, Are you ready for Easter

Easter Bunny CakeAre you ready for Easter Holidays? Besides religious thing, special habits, cooking represent an essential part of Easter Holidays.
One of the traditions is baking an Easter Bunny Cake. This cake can be different, and everyone is making it using his own imagination.
The ingredients can be anything you want, this can be any time of cake. I prefer the one of 3 eggs and a cup of flour. Thats a typical cake for me, and you can put in it anything you want.

This is my type of a cake. You just have to make the necessary form for bunny ears and color the cake. The decorating part can be easily made by special stuff which you can by in the shop.

For example this one, contains all the stuff for coloring and even more for Easter Bunny Cakes
There is even more stuff for Easter, which can be even like presents for your relatives and friends.

Here are some more Easter Bunny Cake stuff, they look really nice and colorful.

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