Sunday, April 6, 2008

Plov, Pilaf

This is not a traditional Moldavian Cuisine for sure. It comes from Uzbekistan if i'm not wrong. Plov is very tasty and healthy. Even if it is very spread and a lot of people cook it everyday, it has a special technology of cooking. And only good cookers can make a real Plov.

The ingredients are:
Meat, traditionally it is pork or beef, I use chicken sometime

Method of preparing:
Firstly fry the meat, until it is almost ready. As you see in the first picture, after you fried the meat, add the onions and carrots.

plov, пловWhen everything obtains a brown color, add Curry spice. That way everything will become yellow, the traditional color of Plov

plov, плов

Than add the rice. I chose the Chinese prolonged rice as you can see in the picture. The secret is that you add the rice, which has to cover the meat with 1 cm, and that add some water, which will cover the rice up to 2 cm. And cover it, and don't mix until it gets ready.

plov, пловThis is how it looks in the end. There are special spices for Plov/Pilaf, normally caucasian + garlic.

plov, пловThis is what I got in the end) Enjoy)
plov, плов

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Check out how I once cooked the beef ribs. This was a spontaneous decision. We just saw some nice ribs in the market and decided to prepare them. I never did anything like that before. In the end I liked the result. I didn't search for a a certain recipe, as usual cooked as my intuition told me.
These are the ribs that we bought . There is enough meet on them, the main goal is to make the meet be very soft and easy to eat.

In fact that was so hard to cook, I just fried them for some time, and when it was almost ready I added the tomato paste, and I was rolling the ribs in it.ribs
I also added some spices, you have to pay attention to the color that I obtained. I actually was not expecting to obtain such a sous and color. Here s what i got in the end, very delicious ribs.ribs

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Amazing loveley pacakes with curd, cheese

Pancakes are great, especially the following recipe.
My pancakes are the best, they look the prettiest, especially with different stuff in it, like curd, or gem, whatever, they look great.
Actually my grandmother taught me this recipe. Both of my grannies do such pancakes, the other granny puts them in the oven for some minutes and they melt in your mouth :)

The ingredients for the pancakes.
2 eggs
1.5 cup of flour


That is a picture of the curd with raisins, I've also added some sugar.

this is how you should put curd inside the pancakes, and roll over. Than some margarine on them. The pancakes will be amazing, trust me.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mushrooms sous with pasta

Probably mushrooms with pasta are not typical for Moldova, I'm sure of that, this is a typical food for Italy. But I like to cook it. healthy pasta is always good.

It's a pity I forgot how these mushrooms are called. I just bought them in the shop. I like their taste. I heard one thing about mushrooms, and I don't know if that is true. i heard that after cutting the mushrooms, taking out of the ground you have to eat them in 12 hours, otherwise they become toxic. i don't know if that is true. I still love them.

So the sous is very simple to make, because it has a few ingredients, not much.
Mushrooms, onions and cream.

The preparing of the sous is easy. You have to cut the mushrooms, but not into too small pieces, and fry them on the pan, for 5-7 minutes. They should become smaller and obtain a brown color.

Than add the onions and fry them all together, adding spices. After 6 minutes, you may add some cream, just a little and wait for 3 minutes more.

In order to make the sous more thick you may add some flour. I put a spoon of flour and added some water in the cup and mixed very well than add into the sous. That will be enough to make it more thick.

Boil the pasta, don't forget about it :)
this is what happens in the end.